1. School Visit by Parents

Let’s get to know LEAPreschool Jakarta better! Your visit to our school can help you obtain detailed information about our school program, daily learning activities, and what our school can offer to you. 

Make sure you have made an appointment with our team for your school visit so that we can schedule the best time for your visit. Please contact 0822-1184-9130 on Whatsapp for more further details.

  1. Trials

The objective of the Trial Admissions Policy for Preschool is to provide a structured and equitable process for evaluating preschool-aged children and their families for enrollment in LEAPreschool Jakarta. 

The trial admissions offers an opportunity for both the preschool and families to assess compatibility and ensure a positive early childhood learning experience.

  1. Enrollment

After all the processes have been completed and the necessary information from parents has been obtained, the next step is the enrollment process, which is the final step before the child is ready to join and start their education at LEAPreschool Jakarta.