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  • image of Ms Shahnaz

    Ms Shahnaz

    The most significant development is that Alaia has become happier, friendlier and more confident, if she meets someone new, she will say hello first. In the past month, Alaia, who was reluctant about eating and had to be fed, now prefers to eat by herself.   I chose LEAPreschool because․․․

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  • image of Mr Jevin

    Mr Jevin

    I see a lot of improvement in Hazel, especially in her English skills, significant improvement can also be seen in her etiquette which has become very good and recently Hazel has become more active. I chose LEAPreschool because here the children fully communicate in English, the school environment is also․․․

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  • image of Ms ZeeZee

    Ms ZeeZee

    The first time he joined LEAPreschool, Keriym still often cried and had tantrums, but surprisingly now it is very different, he has become lighter and his social skills have really developed, he has also started to greet other people, and is increasingly enthusiastic about studying to the point where he․․․

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