Parent's Testimonial

Mrs. Sophiani

Parent of Muhd Audi Harith

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers that have been teaching Audi, especially Teacher Siti and Teacher Angelene who see Audi grow up. It took myself weeks to think whether to pull Audi out from the class, but due to some changes we need to shift Audi to weekdays playgroup.

Audi has improved a lot in terms of his motor skills. Whatever he learns in LeapSchoolHouse, he makes full use of it. He is able to Hi-5 after he came back from his very first lesson. He knows how to say “bubbles”, dance along to the songs that were introduced to him during lessons. He loves his gym sessions and the flashcards and story telling sessions where Audi would sit still and listen. Whatever actions that his teacher introduced to him, he is able to imitate back even at home e.g. he knows how a digger works and he will show the action of what Teacher Angelene did during the lesson.

Once again, Thank you Teacher Siti and Teacher Angelene for teaching Audi and helping Audi be a better toddler. I really appreciate all your effort given to teach Audi.