Welcome Note

Dear LEAPreschool families,

Welcome back to school. It is my pleasure to see everyone back for another great year in LEAPreschool Jakarta. We are eager to start on new learning journeys together and excited for school activities. We set up LEAPreschool to become a place where learning is joyful and children delight in coming to school.

We have a great leap in the implementation of the current curriculum. We start using the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) this year. We enhance KNOWLEDGE,SKILLS, and ATTITUDES through an enriched and rigorous curriculum.

We provide engaging learning process to achieve the IEYC personal goals; adaptability, communication, cooperation, enquiry, morality, resilience, thoughtfulness, and respect. Children can experience opportunities beyond the classroom so that they can become independent, responsible and confident learners.

This will be an exciting time for the children begin journey to becoming a life-long learner. We are encouraging positive social interactions among children, helping to become more independent, and nurturing and caring them.

We are working together to provide a challenging and positive environment for the children. We believe that with the excellent team can ensure that children achieve the very best. With all of us working together – parents, teachers, staff and students will benefit children’s learning.

I look forward to working with the team to meet the goals and have a successful school year.


Mr Harry